We are a non-breeding facility. Our mission is to rescue! We rescue and care for all the broken and mistreated animals that make their way to the Tiger Preservation Center of Nevada, and into our hearts.

Meet Bob and Bonnie

Who we are…
Founders and owners of the Tiger Preservation Center Bob & Bonnie have dedicated their lives to the care & support of endangered species, especially big cats for over 40 years!

I have been involved with exotic animals since 1973 and knew that someday my love and experience would prove to be of significant value. All God’s creatures are special and in their own way area bit human. They possess a dignity akin to that of humans, and their love in many cases far exceeds the loyalty expressed by man.

The treatment that many are subjected to is inhumane. Many are raised and sold for profit, but are quickly out of the cute stage and become unwanted. The zoos are full, so where do these animals go?

Many of the cats at the center were saved from abusive situations. Cages to small that they could not even turn around and with severe untreated health problems.

They have found a loving home here at the center with us!

Is it they-or us, that are enriched?? … God has truly blessed me!

Bonnie Ringo